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DOB: 03/25/2008


Naptown's Baneful Bishop of WTK WP3

Gargett's White Thunder AKA Priest GDT, IDT3, WP3

Kennedy's Damien of MGK

Kennedy's Wildfire

WTK's Destiny's Child of KMK

CH. KMK King Mufassa PH.30.37 CD1, CGC, GDT, IDT3, WP3
KMK's Hot Totty of Dailey

Naptown's Bunz of AboveAll

AboveAll's Doc Holiday of FreeStyle

SBK's Cade PH.32.32
FreeStyle's Mad Madussa of KMK

AboveAll's Black Alizay of SBK

Reda's HeavyDuty
SBK's Sammy Joe

Naptown's Baneful Bishop of WTK
Naptown's Honey Bunz of AboveAll